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While they are miles apart, construction, graphic design and photography have one common denominator, the need to handle large format images, thus the need of using a large format printer. 

As one can easily assume, their requirements vary greatly, however Canon has a large format printer for everyone in this regard.

Large format printers designed around different lines of work & requirements

Each line of work comes with different requirements, expectations and difficulties. This is why Canon offers a wide range of large format and multi-functional printers which are built to fit your requirements.

The Canon large format printers can handle a vast range of media in various sizes starting from 17” up to 60”. They deliver millimeter accuracy for CAD and GIS printing and outstanding photo reproductions of fine art prints.

Extend your potentials with the right large format printer

The Canon Large Format printers also come as multi-functional machines that allow you to scan and copy in size up to 40”, and to extend your potentials and meet your deadlines with a touch of a button.

What to look for when choosing your Large Format Printer

Construction Industry

  • Size – because nobody likes using a magnifying glass at a construction site.
  • Colour – so that your contractor does not put a gas main instead of a water pipe.
  • Ease of use – because the printer should work for you, not the other way around.

Graphic Design and Mapping

  • Detail in print – because your work demand attention and your printer should reflect this.
  • Media handling – because different media can give different definitions to your design.
  • Accountancy tool – so that you have total control on what your prints are costing you.

Photography and Art Reproduction

  • Number of colours – for your printer to interpret a wider colour gamut and reproduce true colours.
  • Colour fastness – because your prints should keep their colours year after year.
  • Media handling – different media finishes; a sure way of obtaining the results you want.

CAD and GIS Large Format Printers

for line printing and design

Canon CAD Large Format Printers

Large Format Professional Photo Printers

for professional photo reproduction

Canon Fine Art Large Format Printers

Need assistance to choose the best large format solution for your business needs?

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