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PlanetPress Connect – One Tool Providing Extensive Potential.

Leverage the potential of PlanePress Connect to automate and personalise all your outbound communications.

Whatever type of communication, document format or template you are using, PlanetPress Connect gives you the power to personalise your content and automate your tasks and processes.

Integration Capabilities_PlantePress

Integration Capabilities

Effortlessly integrates with a wide range of existing ERP and third-party applications such as email, digital signature and print production systems.

ALigned Printing Process_PlanetPress

Aligned Printing Process

Centralise all print job submissions through a single communication channel while modernising your content from legacy systems.

Centralised Data Control _PlanetPress

Centralised Data Control

Gathers data from various systems and consolidates it onto a single platform, leveraging it to enhance upcoming communication.

Multichannel System_PLanetPress

Multichannel System

Facilitates document customisation and distribution in both print and digital formats through advanced functionalities, including batch printing, sorting and finishing options.

Process Automation_PlanetPress

Process Automation

Initiate business processes and ensure adherence to corporate standards and guidelines throughout all stages of communication creation, processing, and delivery.

Customised Communication_PlanetPress

Customised Communication

Automatically creates dynamic communication material by utilising data gathered, incorporating content such as text, images, variable data and more.

The Optimal Toolset for Multi-Channel Communication


The Data Mapper consolidates data collected from various sources and produces a unified data model for use during the design phase of multiple projects.


The multi-context tool offers a seamless approach to designing for web, print, and email with easy switching between context tabs. No conversion from print to HTML or vice versa is needed; simply utilise the drag-and-drop function to position your content.


PlanetPress Connect workflow automation serves as the middleware in an organisation’s business processes, facilitating automation throughout the workflow, from simple tasks to complex processes.

PlanetPress Connect Technology

What is PlanetPress Connect Technology 

PlanetPress Connect is a versatile and easily maintainable in-house solution that has stood the test of time, earning a reputation for stability. Adored by its users, PlanetPress serves as the ideal gateway to efficiently manage complex multi-channel communication in an ever-evolving technological landscape. 

Engage with your customers 

Elevate your communication and maximise its impact. PlanetPress Connect offers interactive capabilities for engaging your customers through your communications. 

Make your documents interactive 

Amplify your documents by adding actionable elements to enable customer interaction. Measure and monitor engagements by adding clickable links within your documents.