Raising environmental awereness – by Avantech and Canon

Yesterday the weather was on our side and, after the failed attempt of the 14th October, we made it to the Ta’ Qali National Park where we very happily planted 50 trees.

This event, organised by Avantech and Canon, was part of a campaign to raise environment awareness and to celebrate World Photo Day with a difference. World Photo Day is celebrated yearly on the 19th of August with the main aim being that of bringing people together to inspire a better world through photography.

During the tree planting we were honored with a visit by Mr Conrad Borg Manche`, the chairperson of “Ambjent Malta”,  who also took the opportunity to lend a helping by planting one of the trees. Ideas about different ways on how to raise environmental awareness and get people, especially children, involved were exchanged. Mr Borg Manche` congratulated us on this initiative and hopes that this will serve as an example for other companies to sponsor similar events.

Here are some photos of us getting our hands dirty for a cleaner future??

Tree Planting PlaqueTree Planting Site_2

Tree Planting FlagTree Planting ConradTree Planting SiteTree Planting Cat Tree Planting Robert Tree Planting Mario Tree Planting Charles

Tree Planting Mr Borg Manche plantingTree Planting Mr Borg Manche  Tree Planting Keith Tree Planting James Tree Planting Clint

Tree Planting NickTree Planting Nick_2 Tree Planting Men at Work Tree Planting harold behind plaque Tree Planting Luke Tree Planting Harold_2 Tree Planting CharleenTree Planting Daniel  Tree Planting ready_1 Tree Planting ready_2

Tree Planting group photo


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