Scan2x – Intelligent Document Scanning System

Scan2x - Intelligent Document Scanning


Technology should make your business processes simpler. And that is exactly what Scan2x has been built to do, by streamlining scanning and document management into one easy-to-use process that connects your company’s departments.

It couldn’t be easier. Scan2x intelligently recognises different types of documents and processes them in a timely, effective and reliable manner. This means that your team simply has to walk up to Scan2x, select the type of document to be intuitively scanned, and walk away. They’re done, the document is safe, and it will then start its traceable journey to its next destination.

Scan2x presents new-generation scanning technology that’s intelligent enough to know what it is scanning.

For instance, if an invoice is scanned, then Scan2x will immediately know that this needs to be forwarded straight to your Accounts Department for payment to be scheduled. On the other hand, scanned business cards will instantly become part of your relevant online database.

This cutting-edge technology is all about making your documents work harder for you. This will allow you to get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that the tedious task of document management is taking care of itself.

GDPR – How can Scan2x help?

GDPR is primarily about the paramount rights of an Individual with regards to their personal information.  Our responsibility as users of this information is to keep it safe and secure, and in fact only keep it when we really need to for as little time as we need to and with that persons consent. This means we must make sure that we can correctly identify any and all information which is sensitive and decide how it should be handled and stored as soon as we receive it.

With Scan2x all documents are not only identified at source but they can be correctly filed in the correct storage locations everytime, guaranteed! Worflows and document policies can be applied and where necessary the relevant people notified of the new information which has been received and stored. This will remove the possibility of data loss or data exposure due to incorrect handling or on-boarding of information. And will facilitate the requirement of being able to respond to an individual’s rights under GDPR such as the right to know and the right to be forgotten.

Scan2x’s ability to redact any required information BEFORE it is stored in your document management system is a vital step in complying with the rule of keeping only the minimum amount of information that you require, at source and every time.

Its built in auditing and file verification functions will also ensure that no doubts can be had by the authorities about any of your processes or procedures whilst heading in to the new and more regulated world post 25th May 2018

For more information or to enquire about Scan2x please contact us by email or call us on +356 21488800.