Taking care of your digital camera.

Taking photos has always been a trend. However, we must admit that with today’s technology this trend has grown. Everyone is taking photos at every possible occasion.

So far so good! We’ve all learnt how to take a good photo or two. But, what about the taking care of our cameras? Proper care can extend the life of your camera.

If you want to keep snapping those happy memories and at the same time get the most out of your camera—better performance and more enjoyment—then make sure you follow these tips which will be published in 5 posts.

Let’s start with the most important aspects of taking care of your camera.

Protect your camera by using a camera bag!

Vanguard camera bags

A lot of people go around carrying their cameras in…whatever, as if it were some kind of wallet. They stuff them in their backpack, their suitcase and sometimes even in their fanny pack!

What these people do not realise is that this harms the camera’s appearance.  A camera can get scratched very easily and dust can accumulate all over its delicate parts. What you need is a camera bag!

Using a camera bag does not only protect the camera against scratches and dust; it can also serve as a rain protector for the camera as many camera cases are also waterproof on the outside.

Camera bags come in all sort of shapes, sizes and colours. Even when it comes to prices you will find a wide price range where to choose from. This means it’s easy to find the perfect fit!

LCD Screen and Camera Lens need extra protection and care.

Camera cleaning kit Buy cheap, buy twice.Trying to clean your LCD screen and camera lens yourself? Not exactly the ideal and easiest route to take. Glass-cleaning products may just destroy the lens’ anti-glare coating. There is special equipment specifically designed to do this.
A quick and easy option would be to buy a special cleaning kit. These kits consist of liquid solutions, microfiber cloths and brushes designed specifically to clean your camera lens. Your camera will thank you for it.

Use a microfibre cloth to get rid of any fingerprints or unsightly smudges on your LCD screen. Or buy a commercial LCD screen cleaner for those stubborn smudges.



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