Why my Instagram photos ROCK

Instagram is a funny little platform. It is designed for one to upload photos solely via mobile, yet the platform favours photos of a certain standard. The best-performing Instagrammers have feeds curated to perfection. Certainly, there is little mobile phone photography going on over there!

When it comes to my Instagram feed, I myself use my mobile phone sparingly. To be precise, I only use it on the very rare occasions when I do not have my camera in my bag.

So, why do I use my camera, and not my phone?

I have the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, which is not at all bad as a camera phone. However, photos taken with my camera are a million times better than the ones taken with my phone.  I use the Canon Powershot G7XII which is a brilliant little camera!

Namely, these are the advantages:

  1. Great performance in low light – my camera is far more capable of shooting in lower light situations.
  2. Brilliant photos in undesirable lighting – be it a backlit scene, an overly bright day, or unattractive indoor lighting, my camera can definitely handle any situation.
  3. Retention of detail – sometimes all is dandy until you apply an Instagram filter. I have noted that photos taken with my camera edit beautifully when a filter is applied, but with my mobile phone – not so much.
  4. The colours – the whites are super-bright and gorgeous, and the rest of the colours are as they should be. The colours on my phone do not always translate to what the eyes see.
  5. The speed – my camera is capable of taking photos at a faster rate. This is essential when I am taking photos of my kids!
  6. Better selfies – the camera on the front face of any mobile phone is not as good as the one on the back. This is a downright pain when it comes to taking selfies. My Canon Powershot G7XII has a screen which rotates 180o. Selfie mode – on! ?

Lovely. I’m sure I have convinced you that your Instagram photos will have more of an edge if you up your game and take your photos with a good camera.

At this point, the question you probably have is – ‘This all sounds great, but how do you expect me to take photos with my camera and upload them via my mobile phone?’

Now this is where this gets very interesting…

It takes me all of 30 seconds to get my photos on my camera.  No cables or additional gadgets are required.

Instagram photos

Wi-Fi connectivity

The Powershot G7XII features Wi-Fi connectivity.  Once this is set up, 3 simple steps can take your photo from your camera, to your mobile phone.

Step 1:
Press the Wi-Fi button on your camera to turn Wi-Fi on.

Step 2:
Launch the ‘Canon Camera Connect’ application on your phone.

Step 3:
Select the photos you want to download onto your phone.  You can do this from your camera, or from your phone.  Select ‘download’ – and you’re done!

There you have it!  My secret as to why my Instagram photos ROCK – and how yours can too!

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