Taking care of your camera – Part 4

Bad weather can destroy your camera – Don’t risk it.

Cameras. The connectors, circuit boards, buttons and all the other parts make the camera an awfully delicate instrument. A modern technological wonder! But, what is the use of having such a delicate instrument if you cannot use it in whatever situation you want? Say on a rainy day. How can keep your camera protected?


Those of you who love winter photography will want to trudge outside in the coldest and rainiest of weather to shoot memorable, once-in-a lifetime photos. But what if your camera cannot handle these conditions?

Here are few very simple tips to make this possible:

  • Use a waterproof camera case, this will prevent your camera and lens from getting wet.
  • If the weather is unusually cold, wrap your camera in a plastic bag and put in some silica desiccant packets. This will help reduce the moisture.
  • Another smart idea is to carry a soft towel with which you can wipe the moisture if it ever gets on your equipment.
  • You do not like running in the wet, cold weather frequently and do not see the need to invest in a waterproof case? We still got you covered. Although getting a waterproof case will not break the bank there is an even cheaper option for you. A plastic bag will work just fine. Just wrap your camera in it leaving an opening just for the lens.

Caring for your memory card is caring for your camera

camera protected

Just like humans need brains to store their memories, cameras need memory cards. Quite straightforward, no? This means that the Memory Card plays a very important role in photography and needs to be taken care of just like the rest of your photography equipment.

Here are some tips on how you can preserve your memories for the future by taking care of your memory card now ?

  • Use a protective case to transport your memory cards.
  • Keep your memory cards dust-free. Remove the memory card from the camera indoors or else in a dust-free environment.
  • Keep them in a cool place – don’t leave them in places prone to excessive heat such as car dashboards.
  • Keep them away from magnetic sources as this may corrupt the data – Magnetic sources can vary from audio speakers, to old TV monitors to actual magnets.

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