Revolutionising Data Capture with AI: A Success Story in Financial Services

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and accuracy in document management are paramount. Scan2x stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering an intelligent data capture solution that simplifies and optimises every user’s workflow within an organisation.  

By integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Scan2x not only enhances data security but also significantly boosts operational efficiency across various sectors. Here, we explore how Scan2x is revolutionising data capture with one of many successful case studies.  

In this article, we are talking about Bank of Valletta. 

The Power of Professional Scanning Made Accessible 

Scan2x delivers professional scanning capabilities directly to users, enabling them to execute complex scanning tasks effortlessly, without the necessity for extensive training. 

At the mere touch of a button, users can select scanning jobs that implement intelligent document capture, thereby maximising efficiency and transforming business processes. 

AI Features: A Leap into Seamless Document Management 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Scan2x is its seamless integration of AI technology. 

This innovation empowers Scan2x to autonomously scan, process, and extract pertinent metadata from documents, eliminating the need for detailed pre-configuration.  

Imagine the ease with which contracts could be scanned, processed, and their critical details instantaneously made available, all without human intervention.  

The introduction of Scan2x AI Cloud Services has made this streamlined process a reality, enhancing accuracy by minimising human error in data entry and effortlessly integrating with other Scan2x features. 

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A Success Story in Financial Services 

A prime example of Scan2x’s transformative impact can be seen in its implementation within the financial services sector. 

The Bank of Valletta, Malta’s leading bank by market share and one of the country’s largest employers, embarked on a bank-wide project to integrate document and information management technology into every facet of its business. 

This initiative aimed to enhance customer service, internal audit and compliance readiness, data protection, and security. 

“By implementing Scan2x and Therefore™, we have been able to improve data security, efficiency, compliance, and disaster recovery” states Marco Scicluna, Executive Head of IT Systems at the Bank of Valletta. 

Having a substantial number of branches and employees, Bank of Valletta needed to find a way to standardise their way of onboarding documents of all types. The system had to be able to deal with bank forms, identity documents and pre-printed stationery and it had to be centrally managed.  

Bank of Valletta needed to implement a solution that would minimise human error, simplify the scanning and archiving process and increase the efficiency of its’ employees and the services to its clients. 

Scan2x helped Bank of Valletta by allowing the bank to create standardised scanning profiles centrally and automatically push them to all of their branches.  

This simple process of creating and maintaining customised scanning profiles makes the process more efficient with full traceability and accountability.  

With Scan2x installed at all of the bank’s offices, the employees simply have to walk up to the scanner, choose the job profile, scan and walk away. All the archiving, categorisation and even workflow are done automatically by Scan2x. This procedure improved efficiency, restricted human error and made scanning and archiving a hasslefree one-touch procedure. 

“Therefore gave us the advantage of introducing an electronic filing system that proved extremely useful in terms of reducing storage space and improving our efficiency by allowing our users to take full advantage of access to the system from their own computers. And this also helped the bank in its aim of becoming an environmentally friendly bank by reducing the waste of paper,” explained Edward Grech, Head of Home Loans, Bank of Valletta. 

The Bank of Valletta offers a comprehensive range of financial services, including private banking, investment banking, fund management, and insurance, operating through an extensive network of branches, a corporate centre, and multiple business centres.  

The integration of Scan2x and Therefore™ has significantly improved the bank’s document management solutions, demonstrating the versatile and transformative nature of Scan2x across different business sectors. 

Transform Your Data Capture Processes with Scan2x 

Scan2x is revolutionising the way businesses handle document management by leveraging intelligent data capture. Its integration of AI technology not only streamlines workflows but also ensures high levels of data accuracy and security through effective data capture.

As demonstrated by the Bank of Valletta, the implementation of Scan2x can lead to substantial improvements in data security, efficiency, and compliance across a variety of industries, showcasing the power of data capture.

Unlock the potential of your organisation’s document management processes with Scan2x and experience the benefits of a truly intelligent data capture solution.

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