Keep your home safe – all you need to know.

You’ve signed your name on a significant piece of paper which now states you as a homeowner.  Congratulations!

The extensive amount of energy, hours and financial outlay you will put into your home is excessive to say the least.  Whilst the minority of you might have bought yourself a ready-to-move-into home, you cannot but agree that to get from the point of viewing properties to the point of moving in, it certainly takes an ounce or two of energy, and a buck or two.

You’ve now moved in.  Now what?  Before you relax, and take it all in with glee, have you thought about your home’s security?
In today’s day and age security cameras are a must.

Why should you install security cameras in your home?

Thief looking into house
  • CCTV acts a deterrent for burglars trying to break in
  • If you are the victim of theft, the likelihood of catching the burglar is much higher
  • Should you have a break-in, emergency response is instant.  You do not need to confirm that someone has actually broken in since you can see it for yourself.
  • Prevention of costly incidents such as vandalism (outdoor installation)
  • For easy monitoring of less frequented areas of the house, such as a basement, garage, or rooftop
  • For peace of mind.  When you are travelling or out of the house, you can access your CCTV feed remotely from your smartphone.
  • Having CCTV in your home increases your property’s value if you decide to sell it in the future
  • To monitor pets, children, elderly people, or your housekeeper
  • Some insurance companies offer a home insurance discount if you prove you have CCTV installed in your home

After spending thousands on your home – a few hundreds are nothing in comparison.  Protect your home by investing in a good quality CCTV system before it’s too late.


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