Entertaining?  This gadget will WOW your guests!

It’s not about fancy china, dim lighting, or serving impressive food.  It’s about the experience.

You could have the fanciest serveware, the most delectable food and a dining room which looks like it belongs in the next issue of ‘Home and Garden’.  If your guests are not comfortable and conversation isn’t flowing, the overall vibe definitely doesn’t scream event of the year!

There are a number of ways you can enhance your guest’s experience.  Here are my top 6 tips.


To start off with, choose your guest list wisely.  Whilst there is no hard and fast rule to how you should make up your guest list, there should be some semblance of backgrounds or interests with the people you are inviting.


If your guests will be seated, take some care into who sits next to who.  Create your own place cards to have your guests sit where you think is best.  Otherwise, the probability is that guests who are closer friends will flock to one side of the table.  Your aim is to tactfully seat a few lesser-known guests in between the closer-knit groups.


Check if your guests have any allergies or food intolerances before deciding what to cook. Try not to choose any food which is messy or requires any special utensils.  Some of your guests might feel uncomfortable trying to prise crab meat out of it’s shell, especially if they do not know the other guests very well.
Do not choose food which requires you to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or lots of running back and forth.  Your guests would surely rather enjoy your company!


Do switch on some background music to soften the mood and emit good vibes.  Choose something easy to listen to, ideally classic tunes which are familiar to your guests.


When your guests arrive, greet them warmly. If they have never been to your home, show them where the bathroom is and where they can hang their coat.  Offer them a drink and get the introductions underway.


Your dinner party has taken off, and your guests are now settled in and enjoying themselves.  It is the norm to snap away photos of the food, the guests, and silly mementos (funny selfies galore!), but what if you could do something more?

This is where the Selphy CP1300 comes in.

This stylish and portable WI-FI photo printer prints 6×4 images to stun your guests.
Using it is easy – connect your guests’ smartphones to the Selphy, and they can print directly from their phones using Canon’s PRINT application or using AirPrint.

The Selphy CP1300 has been created with group gatherings in mind.  It can print funky photo-booth strips as well as combine images from different smartphones with the ‘Party Shuffle’ feature.
There are no worries about ink or paper running out unexpectedly!  The Selphy’s consumables come boxed in one package.  When purchasing them, you will have enough ink and paper for 108 prints.  This means that costs are measurable and no nasty surprises will spring on you.

Enticed much?
Go on, give your guests the gift of an amazing experience, and photos to take home to remember it!

The Selphy CP1300 sells for €139.00.  The consumables pack RP-108 (which will give you enough ink & paper for 108 prints), costs €36.00.  All prices include VAT.





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