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The way we work is developing continously; Demographic shifts such as, generational workforce replacement, digital automation, digital platforms, and other technological innovations are actively changing the basic nature and perception of work. The way companies adapt to these changes will greatly affect whether they will succeed in today’s market.

Even though work is a universal term, how, when, why and where we work has never been more open to interpretation. Technology continues to shape how we work. Working is now more complex.

Our strategy help end-users with digital automation, mainly addressing document and information security issues, increase productivity and performance of employees as well as optimise costs. It is built around five important business aspects:

  • Information and Document Security
  • Managed Print and Document Services
  • Mobile and Flexible working
  • Process Automation (Automating and optimising business processes/digitisation)
  • Digital Signatures

Information and Document Security

Security Challenges: With documents now moving around both physically and electronically, there is more of a focus than ever before on security. Companies must be able to manage safely the documents through their entire lifecycle: from creation to share or archive.

Security Solutions: With Document & Information Security you can bring security at the core of everything you do – in and outside your office – and protect your company documents and information in different ways, such as:

  • Secure printing with encryption technologies that protect data as it moves and while at rest.
  • Anonymization of print file names.
  • Job authentication and personal job retrieval, and trackability.
  • Prevent sensitive content and documents from being printed
  • Release prints securely at device by the user.
  • Spoiled print jobs may be deleted.
  • Trace outputted documents using QR/barcode.

Managed Print and Document Services

Printing Costs Challenges: Cost control is core to ensure businesses operate efficiently. But in the large financial aspect of various costs, they often forget about printing. There are two main reasons for the high printing costs: print is uncontrolled and print infrastructure is inefficient.

Printing Costs Solutions:  Our Managed Print and Document services are empowered to:

  • Significantly reduce cost as we analyze your printing habits to find a cost-effective solution that minimises inefficiencies and waste.
  • Reduce operational problems as our maintenance and restocking program ensures your fleet is operation consistently. This will allow your workforce to freely focus on more important business activities.
  • Ease the burden of IT staff and increase efficiency, security and sustainability across the entire enterprise.
Digital Automation Solutions

Mobile and Flexible working

Mobility Challenges: In just a few years, mobile and cloud technology has been able to redefine the “office” and change the working habits. When employees can work from anywhere, they can do more. That is why mobile devices and cloud services are vital to enterprise success and vital in Modern Working.

Mobility Solutions: Canon’s Mobile Working can help your mobile workforce improve their work in various ways, some of which are listed below:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency by integrating employees working from remote locations to helps achieve business agility.
  • Improve responsiveness and customer service by cutting delays when dealing with customers.
  • Strengthen security and work anywhere without compromising the security of your data.

Process Automation

Productivity Challenges: The volume and variety of documents are on the rise. Companies should consider the implementation of a more productive and automated digital document environment which can solve many issues of document storage and protection, avoid redundancy and productivity loss.

Productivity Solutions: With Canon’s Process Automation, you can replace traditional analog with digital solutions that drive productivity, save time and money. Our solution can help businesses:

  • Discover faster workflows with efficient processing and easier mobile access.
  • Boost collaboration and productivity by digitising documents. This gives staff easy access to their documents wherever they are.
  • Get automatically notified for approaching expiry dates and deadlines; ensuring the latest document version is being used with “version control”.
  • Empower their document processing with higher control, productivity and transparency, operating consistently.
  • Work faster, cut costs and deliver even better customer service by processing documents and forms more efficiently.
Digital Automation
Digital Automation Digital Signature

Digital Signatures

eSignature Challenges: With businesses having to keep up with todays fast pace of life, people working remotely from every corner of the world and digital being the new normal, collecting signatures at the appropriate time has become more vital than ever.  Not getting a signature from the right person at the right time can result in delays in sale contracts and deliveries, invalid agreements and many other issues.

eSignature Solutions: Our solution allows users to sign documents or request a signature from anywhere, at any time and help businesses with the following:

  • Validate signer identity
  • Signers can sign documents remotely on their own device
  • Delegate of signing requests
  • Review the status of transactions in seconds
  • Onboard new signers – even online
  • Manage e-signing workflow
  • Define transactions through API, Plugins or Web Designer
  • Integrates directly with document management software
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