Canon Multi-functional Printing Devices (MFPs)

All networked devices, including multifunctional printers, are in the firing line of increasingly sophisticated and aggressive cybercriminal activity. They also, by their very nature, handle large quantities of sensitive, personal data that should not be shared without the express permission of the data subject. Despite this most enterprises fail to incorporate MFPs into their overall data protection strategy. With the imminent arrival of GDPR organisations are under immense pressure to resolve these shortcoming before the 25th May 2018 deadline.

GDPR Implications for Print and Scan

Firms need to look at a number of issues. How is the data encrypted on printer hard drives?   How secure are printers from network intrusion? How secure and confidential is user printing? How secure is private scanned data? When the MFP is no longer in use, what residual data is still on the device Hard Disk? Full audit trail of what was printed or scanned and by whom. Restrict photocopies of sensitive data.

Our office MFPs offer a comprehensive protection for your physical assets. Everything you need can be included in device configuration, such as:

  • Flexible user authentication and login
  • Granular Access Management per user and function
  • Password protected device administration
  • Security policy setting and management
  • Password protection with trusted platform module
  • Complete Hard Disk Protection
    • Hard Disk Erase
    • Hard Disk Encryption
    • Hard Disk Initialise for secure disposal
  • Card readers
  • Hard Disk Removal for secure storage
  • Hard Disk Mirroring for data back up
  • Cassette locks for protection of paper supplies in device cassettes
  • Centralised fleet management for keeping fleets up to date in every aspect including security: credentials, certificates, firmware, settings and security policies

For more information or to enquire about our MFPs please contact us by email or call us on +356 21488800.