Scan2x: Take Control of Your Document Processes with Advanced Features and Customisation Options


In today’s fast-paced financial services industry, optimising document processes through efficient capture is not just a necessity; it’s a competitive advantage.

Keeping track of a myriad of documents, from invoices and receipts to ID cards and contracts, can be a daunting task. However, Scan2x offers a comprehensive solution that empowers financial services businesses to streamline their document processes with unprecedented ease and precision. 

Real-Time Process Alerts 

One of the standout features of Scan2x is its ability to provide real-time process alerts. Imagine a scenario where you are scanning an ID card or passport, and the system detects that it has expired.  

With Scan2x, you won’t have to wait until later to address this issue. The system will alert you immediately, allowing you to take the necessary action promptly. 

Error Prevention 

Mistakes in document management can be costly.  

Scan2x mitigates this risk by ensuring consistent results. It requires that mandatory metadata fields are populated before a document can be saved. This eliminates the possibility of critical information being left out or incomplete, ensuring the integrity of your document repository. 

Enterprise-Level Auditing 

For financial services businesses, maintaining a clear audit trail is imperative. Scan2x offers full enterprise-level auditing capabilities, enabling you to track every action taken within the system.  

This feature not only enhances transparency but also aids in compliance and risk management. 


Effortless Workflow Creation 

Creating and managing workflows is made simple with Scan2x. You can define custom document capture workflows tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.  

Furthermore, Scan2x enables you to save the same document in multiple locations simultaneously, ensuring redundancy and data security. 

Versatile Deployment Options 

Scan2x is flexible in terms of deployment. It can work seamlessly on-premises or in the cloud, accommodating your organisation’s specific security preferences.  

It functions both with and without an internet connection, adapting to your internal security setup. 

Data Extraction and Integration 

Incorporating tabular data and calculated fields is hassle-free with Scan2x. 

It can also integrate with external or internal systems through web service calls or database queries, allowing you to retrieve data required for metadata. This integration streamlines your document processes and minimises manual data entry. 

Digital Signing 

Scan2x facilitates digital signing with third-party software integration. 

Users can sign documents directly within the Scan2x environment. Moreover, it can recognise, import, and process valid digital signatures with a valid digital certificate, bolstering the authenticity of your documents. 

Automated Document Import 

Save time and effort with Scan2x’s ability to monitor folders and import documents automatically. It simplifies the document intake process, reducing manual intervention and the risk of oversight. 

Versatile Hardware Compatibility 

Scan2x is not limited to a single hardware platform. 

It can be installed on Canon machines, including imageRunner models and the ScanFront 400. Additionally, there is a mobile application for on-the-go employees, ensuring easy capture of essential documents (eg contracts, expense receipts) from anywhere.

document processes

AI Integration for Effortless Scanning 

Perhaps one of the most groundbreaking features of Scan2x is its artificial intelligence (AI) features. This AI capability transforms the way you handle document scanning by eliminating the need for extensive pre-configuration. 

What Can Scan2x’s AI Feature Do? 

Scan2x’s AI feature empowers you to effortlessly scan a wide variety of documents, including: 

  • Invoices 
  • Receipts 
  • ID Documents 
  • Legal Contracts 
  • Generic documents – retrieve pertinent data from absolutely any document 

How It Works? 

  1. No More Teaching: Simply tell the system what type of document you want to scan – whether it’s an invoice, receipt, or any other supported document. 
  2. Instant Results: When you press the AI invoice button and provide various types of invoices, even ones the system has never seen before, it automatically extracts all the metadata you need. This includes the amount due, customer ID, customer name, and the content of the invoice itself. 
  3. Effortless Scanning: Get all the information you need without creating templates or specifying data types. The system collects all current and potential data, ensuring you’re prepared for any future needs. 

In conclusion, Scan2x is a game-changer for financial services businesses seeking to enhance their document management processes. 

Its advanced features, customisation options and AI integration not only simplify document handling but also elevate the standards of efficiency and security in the industry. With Scan2x you’re not just managing documents; you’re taking control of your document processes to drive your business forward. 

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