ScanStation – Placing People First

Placing People First
If you think about the scanning process in the traditional way, even with most of the latest scanners, words like tedious, time-consuming, disruptive, and error-prone might come to mind. Different document types require different settings and these in turn create different outputs. This is because, in the traditional way of operating scanners, people must respond to the scanner settings and resolve such according to the documents that require processing.

The ScanStation and a new perspective
The Avantech ScanStation repositions the user by placing people first. In this manner and perspective it’s the scanner that is automatically responding to the user’s needs and fed documents. Even though the user is processing different document types, it’s the ScanStation that adapts and creates tailor-made workflows for each document type. The user is at the centre of the solution and everything else is responding to the user. It’s how technology should work and contribute to the business process without creating any disruption, and not the contrary.

There is more to Automation
Automation is not just about technology but about the derived value added to people’s life and workflow. Hence, the need for automation to be innovative, intelligent and intuitive. The ScanStation manages to achieve this and just as importantly, does this in a simple and strong approach.

Placing People First
Over-dependence on technology makes us helpless when things do not work as they should or when we cannot figure out exactly what to do. The ScanStation does away with all this and, with its intuitive touchscreen, Bank-ATM-style graphics, presents each authorised user with a pre-configurable, job-option menu that process all that needs to be done in a one-click process; A first for front-office scanning where people come first!

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