ScanStation goes medical!

st_james_hospital_tripoliFor over a decade OHL served as the management arm of Saint James Hospital Group, which grew from a one-doctor clinic into Malta’s largest healthcare provider. Today, the Saint James Hospital Group operates both in Malta and internationally. It owns and runs three hospitals, two specialized eye clinics, outpatient and day-case clinics, a beauty and cosmetic clinic, spas, a medical importation supply and distribution company and a specialized physical rehabilitation center. Striving to continuously become more time and cost efficient the company targeted to upgrade its Hospital Information Systems in all its operations in Libya by 2016.

Together with the upgrade OHL management decided to move towards a more paperless environment and turn digital. For this to be achieved a complete document management system with scanning and document sorting capabilities that communicates with the Hospital Information System had to be found. Following lengthy market research and various demo session the Avantech ScanStation was the only software flexible enough to fit all the OHL hospitals requirements. What topped its design flexibility was the advantageous price tag that came with purchasing this quality system. Moreover, the system is continuously upgraded and can take on as many add-ons in the future as the operation will require. The new set up will be launched in August 2016.

In the initial stages, ScanStation will be used for filing all existing patient history in a digital format. These documents will automatically be pushed to the HIS and filed together with the individual patient records. The system will also substantially reduce the time in processing clients invoices together with considerably saving the amount of paper previously used. In addition, all documents that are required to be saved digitally will now be scanned at source via ScanStation thus reducing the risk of missing documentation, minimising the manpower required to achieve a better filing system and enable timely and accurate reports. As ScanStation will be launched in all the OHL Libya branches it will eliminate the need to transport documents from one branch to the other.

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