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What is an Avantech ScanStation?

ScanStation is a software application that simplifies scanning of paper documents, saving time, enhancing compliance and increasing the efficiency of user tasks. It is a walk up, scan and walk away kiosk-type system that allows firms to scan documents in efficient ways not previously possible.

What’s the main difference from a regular scanner?

Regular scanners expect users to select from a long list of settings – resolution, colour, double or single sided, and more. The user is expected to specify where the scanned document should be saved, and then is further expected to provide indexing information to enable retrieval later. ScanStation simplifies this by one-button job selection –… more »

What’s the main difference from other or similar ScanStation or advanced scanners?

Many advanced scanners feature high PDF compression, some job definition functions, OCR features and even networked operation. But no other ScanStation-type solution packs all our features into one powerful package.

What hardware does it need to operate?

ScanStation is a Windows-based application, running on Windows 7 and above, and can be operated using a touchscreen interface or mouse & keyboard. Minimum recommended hardware specifications are Intel i5 or equivalent, with 8GB of RAM.

How much space does it occupy?

The space ScanStation occupies depends upon the PC chosen to run it, and the scanners you have connected to it. In a typical setup, a touchscreen PC is mounted to a wall like a picture frame. Underneath it, a scanner is placed on a cupboard top with the PC processor inside it.

Can it handle multiple scanners?

ScanStation is able to have up to four scanners connected simultaneously. This makes possible the scanning of documents on different media into the same PDF. For example, a plastic ID card requires a scanner with a straight-through paper path, whereas a large scanning job would be better served by a larger, front-loading scanner.  

Does it integrate with Document Management software?

ScanStation can integrate with any Document Management System that is able to pick up incoming documents from a shared folder. In addition it can talk to any Document Management System that exposes a SOAP Web Service. Finally, ScanStation has specific connectors to Canon’s Therefore DMS and Microsoft Sharepoint.

How many users can use the ScanStation?

ScanStation is designed to function like a Bank ATM for scanning, and is not licenced by the number of users.

How does it manage user access & security?

ScanStation requires users to authenticate before scanning – these users can be Active Directory users or internally defined users. Authentication methods include PIN number, swipe card, proximity card and fingerprint readers.

Once scanned where is the document saved?

Part of each job definition on ScanStation includes the destination for the final scan. These include email destinations, shared folders, document management systems and SOAP web service destinations.